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Welcome to Modern Furniture


Modern Furniture creates an intimate atmosphere emphasizing relaxed formality—a reflection of the client’s lifestyle & Personality. The Furniture in our production follows long tradition of artisan furniture-making techniques that reveal all of the carpentry skills.

Our products in MODERN FURNITURE stand out for its highly skilled furniture making techniques, the use of rare wood and precious woods, fine engraving, precious inlays, all these aspects reveal the personality and quality of each piece of furniture, making them authentic.

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Our Services

Unique design

We are able to design to new products customer’s specification. If you need special product, please give us your drawing. We will design for you.

Customer support

We provide expert technicians to assemble your furniture with care. An assurance to take care of your furniture.

Successful Industry

We are the pioneer organization in the modern pre-manufactured furniture industry & have advanced manufacture techniques & equipment.

Dual finish technology

Innovation dual finish technology – one colour inside, one colour out side.

Size and functionality

One of the modern furniture concepts is practicality and multiple uses.

Environmentally safe

Part of providing a comforting healthcare environment is, well, protecting the environment when choosing the decor.

Natural materials

Embracing materials and textures exposure is a trendy modern feature.

Strength and durability

Wood is, of course, a long-lasting and robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity from their furniture.

We are committed to our work to deliver the Best quality Furniture